Partial Hospitalization: Youth Recovery Program

Youth Recovery Program (YRP) is a highly structured therapeutic treatment program lasting 12-weeks, five days per week. The program is designed to stabilize severe mental health problems in youth ages six to eighteen. A team of qualified and supportive professionals provides education and therapeutic treatment to both the youth and his/her family. Our program seeks to provide significant symptom relief when in the therapeutic environment of YRP, while clinical staff pay specific attention to the child’s individual, developmental and environmental needs. 

The program offers an array of services and specialties to address specific developmental needs:

  • Affect and Emotion Regulation
  • Coping Skills
  • Family Dynamics
  • Empathy/Compassion
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Family & Community
  • Anger Management
  • Executive Functioning
  • Self Hygiene and Management
  • Creative Expression/Leisure

Our treatment goal of improved family functioning is addressed by working with the family on a variety of issues. These issues are explored by identifying the events leading to the family crises, determining how to appropriately manage similar future incidents to life issues and processing a crisis. Peer Groups offer youth an opportunity to address their concerns about past behaviors, learn new skills to manage their actions and process the fears and challenges in changing their behavior. Individual therapy sessions are used to develop a treatment plan based on the specific goals of the youth and sources of motivation. These services also provide the opportunity to address emotional issues they may not feel comfortable discussing in a group setting.