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287 Cincinnati Avenue

Xenia, OH 45385

Phone: (937) 376-8700

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Michael's House (Co-Location)


Office Hours By Appointment Only

1016 Rainbow Court

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (937) 641-5670

Fax: (937) 874-5070



The Fairborn location of Family Solutions Center is co-located at Michael’s House along with several of our community partners. Michael’s House is the Child Advocacy Center for Greene County. Michael’s House provides a warm and welcoming environment for children who are suffering from all forms of abuse. It provides a single place for multidisciplinary, multi-jurisdictional investigations to occur and is comfortable, private, and child-friendly. As a national model for child advocacy, it is designed, furnished and staffed to promote healing. Family Solutions Center Counselors are an important part of the Michael’s House multidisciplinary team. Family Solutions Center Counselors and Psychiatrists are able to provide mental health and psychiatric treatment to Michael’s House children as well as other Greene County children and families. Counseling and Psychiatric appointments are scheduled by approved referral only through Family Solutions Center or  Michael’s House.